About Indy Parks

City of Indianapolis

Indianapolis/Marion County is the twelfth largest city in the United States, and it is by-far one of our country’s most livable big cities.

For those who reside and work here, our Indianapolis has a quality about it that makes even the heart of a bustling downtown feel like home.

Visitors are drawn from all over the globe to enjoy our top-notch professional sports venues, a thriving convention industry and numerous cultural attractions. And when they arrive, they too experience the Hoosier character and hospitality that make Indianapolis special.


Department of Parks and Recreation

The City of Indianapolis Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for the operation and maintenance of more than 11,000 acres of parkland, 208 parks, 60 miles of greenway trails, 21 aquatic facilities, 16 family centers, 13 golf courses, 15 spray grounds, 4 nature centers, 4 disc golf courses, 4 dog parks, and a mountain bike trail, an ice rink, conservatory and sunken garden, arts center, Velodrome, skate park and BMX complex.

Our mission is to create fun, safe, engaging and sustainable parks that enhance the quality of life for individuals, neighborhoods and communities.


Department of Public Works

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works maintains public infrastructure, manages municipal solid waste collection and ensures a healthy, safe and natural environment. They are committed to providing efficient and effective high quality customer service to the citizens and visitors of Indianapolis.

Over the past few years parks maintenance has been infused with DPW operations and the two departments work hand in hand to keep our parks maintained.


Indy Greenway Master Plan

Indy Parks and the Department of Public Works Indy Greenways Full Circle Plan in 2013.  The master plan is the result of a year-long planning process that included extensive public engagement and input.  It outlines the long-term, comprehensive vision for trail and greenway development in the City. 


Comprehensive Park and Recreation Master Plan

The Indy Parks Comprehensive Master Plan was developed to provide a vision for how Indianapolis Parks and Recreation Department (Indy Parks) manages the needs and resources of residents for the next five to ten years.

The Comprehensive Master Plan will inform residents where Indy Parks is currently positioned and what the future can hold for parks, public spaces, trails, recreation facilities, and programs in this great city.

Every great city looks to a great park system as a catalyst to the quality of life for the residents and to attract residents and visitors.The park system that Indianapolis residents desire encompasses the entire public domain. This master plan illustrates all the positive elements of the park and recreation system and clarifies areas that need to be addressed to help make Indianapolis an even greater city for all of its residents.

For this to occur, the park system needs to be observed as a quality of life and economic tool. Much needs to be done to achieve this vision.